The prebuilt co-monitoring dashboard displays details of your instance based on metrics from Telegraf, allowing you to monitor overall performance.

To view the co-monitoring dashboard:

  1. Hover over the User (person) icon in the in the left navigation bar, then select InfluxData Co-Monitor in the Switch Organizations list.

  2. Select Dashboards in the left navigation bar, then click InfluxCloud: Cluster Dashboard.

  3. By default, the dashboard displays data from the past 15 minutes. To adjust the window, click the time dropdown in the upper right and select or enter a new time frame.

  4. To see a breakdown of data by host, hover over one of the graphs.

Viewing the co-monitoring dashboard with multiple subscriptions

The co-monitoring dashboard allows you to view stats for all of your subscriptions. To verify that you’re viewing the correct stats, review the Cluster_Id template variable values in the dashboard.

  1. Click Template Variables at the top of the co-monitoring dashboard.

  2. Click the dropdown menu under :Cluster_Id: to view a list of all available clusters. You should see a cluster ID for each of your subscriptions. (You can find the first eight digits of your cluster ID in the name of your subscription.)

  3. If you don’t see all of the cluster IDs you expect to, contact Support.

Understanding the co-monitoring dashboard

The dashboard displays the following:

  • CPU Count: The number of CPUs for the cluster

  • Memory (GB): Amount of memory available to the cluster

  • Disk Usage (GB): Amount of storage used on the cluster

  • Availability %: Proportion of time the cluster was available in the given time frame

  • CPU Utilization %: Percentage of each host’s CPU that’s currently being used

  • Memory Utilization %: Percentage of memory being used, broken out by host

  • Series Cardinality by Database: The number of unique database, measurement, tag set, and fields for each database

  • Queries Executed/Sec: The total number of queries, including system- and user-executed queries, executed per second

  • Per-Host Point Throughput/Sec: Number of points being written each second

Granting access to the co-monitoring dashboard

To see the co-monitoring dashboard, a user needs to be in the InfluxData Co-Monitor organization.

To give users access to the co-monitoring dashboard:

  1. Click the Admin icon in the left navigation bar, then select Chronograf.

  2. Click All Users in the left menu.

  3. In the Organizations column next to the user’s name, click the + sign and select InfluxData Co-monitor.