Can I manually perform a backup on my InfluxCloud cluster?

InfluxCloud automatically keeps three days of hourly backups. Currently, InfluxCloud does not allow users to backup their clusters using the OSS procedure.

Why are my timestamps inaccurate?

InfluxDB uses a host’s local time in UTC to assign timestamps to data and for coordination purposes. Use the Network Time Protocol (NTP) to synchronize time between hosts; if hosts’ clocks aren’t synchronized with NTP, the timestamps on the data written to InfluxDB can be inaccurate.

How do I determine if a write is successful to a cluster?

In InfluxDB, the HTTP response code 204 indicates a successful write. When writing data to your cluster, the query string parameter consistency determines the number of nodes that must confirm the write in order to return a 204.

InfluxData recommends setting the consistency parameter to all to confirm that a write has succeeded on all data nodes.

Example HTTP API request with consistency set to all:

$ curl -i -XPOST '' -u ralph:essaysrock --data-binary 'hobgoblin value=1'
HTTP/1.1 204 No Content
Date: Thu, 12 May 2016 01:19:28 GMT
Request-Id: 924bb00b-17df-11e6-868e-000000000000
X-Influxdb-Version: 0.1.0
Connection: keep-alive

Other consistency settings (we do not recommend these settings at the current time, but they are available):

  • one: InfluxDB confirms the write if at least one data node acknowledges the write.
  • quorum: InfluxDB confirms the write if a quorum of data nodes acknowledges the write. A quorum is N/2 + 1, where N is the replication factor for the targeted retention policy.
  • any: InfluxDB confirms the write if hinted-handoff is successful, even if all target nodes report a write failure.

How do I end my Free Trial or cancel my InfluxCloud subscription?

From the InfluxCloud subscription management page, click Cancel Subscription:

Once you cancel a subscription, it will no longer appear on your InfluxCloud dashboard and you will no longer be charged.

If you accidentally cancel a subscription, contact support at within seven days to recover your cluster. InfluxCloud keeps all canceled subscription clusters for a period of seven days. After seven days, the cluster is permanently deleted and all associated configuration and data becomes unrecoverable.

Can I upgrade my instance/cluster to a different cluster plan?

Yes. Please contact support at for assistance.

Does InfluxCloud support UDP protocol?

InfluxCloud does NOT currently support the use of UDP.

Does the InfluxCloud Kapacitor Add-on support UDFs?

No. It is not possible to upload and deploy UDFs to your Kapacitor instance within InfluxCloud.

Can I move my data from my local InfluxDB instance to InfluxCloud?

Yes. For details, see Importing data into InfluxCloud from InfluxDB.